Hot Damn its 2012

Welcome to this most exciting of years fellow internet crawlers,

I had a splendid evening on New Years as I hope you did too. I have to tell this story because it just makes me so freakin happy.

So I work as a go-go dancer and I was hired to work at a private party from 10pm to 2am. It took me about 3 hours to get ready and you know I looked good ;) I showed up at the club and I was shakin my ass in this tiny sequined bra and booty shorts with fishnets and thigh high boots. This visual is important because after I partied in the new year like its the last year on earth, I packed up my champagne and baileys and headed to an afterhours club.

This club was not expecting me dressed as I was. I was the biggest stand out of the night   and dudes were staring at my ass like I was Pippa Middleton. Then I got asked to dance on the bar. Full on coyote ugly style. Within minutes I’ve drawn a crowd of guys who are all just yelling things at me. It was like a big horny mob. I’m prancing about like a tart in my little shorts and every so often I’m feeling guys slapping my ass! Normally these things should be offensive but I’m drunk off all the free shots I’ve been given so I’m just laughing like I’m watching Tosh.O

Eventually I get helped off the bar, given even more to drink and I stumble away in my high boots to dance on the stage with the band. I’m being an attention whore at this point.

Best part of this whole story is the end. A little bit later on I go sit down at a table and I go to adjust my shorts…..pulled out some 5  dollar bills. Hell frickin yes. Stripper tips and I kept my clothes on!

All and all a successful night. And my choice hook up for the evening…. a sexy woman.

I just know 2012 is going to bring a few little trysts…..

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